It’s not you, it’s me… But it’s kind of you

I’ve reached the point in my job hunt where checking my emails is basically like reading hate mail. Okay, maybe not that bad, but not very motivating and quite confusing. Throughout this time I’ve been ignored, praised and even promised jobs yet here I am, still ‘on the prowl’.

Due to an overwhelming amount of applicants, your application has been unsuccessful

So, you advertised on a site dedicated to people finding work then found yourself overwhelmed when people did just that. Tried to find work. Through the advertisement you made. What a surprise.

Maybe don’t advertise on that popular of a site if you don’t want the advertisement to be popular, maybe rethink your deadlines if it’s going to take you so long to sort through all the applicationsĀ for the position you advertised, or maybe your job position should be vacant if you can’t handle the influx that occurs when doing your job. Recruiting/hiring.

The position you saw advertised has actually been filled

Well the response to this is obvious. Tie up loose-ends, remove the advertisement.

Whilst you have strong qualities for the position, your application has been unsuccessful

My issue with this is that I’m not given a real reason as to why I didn’t get the job, pretty much the opposite. If I have strong qualities, hire me, if I have room for improvement, tell me what I have to improve on.

Unfortunately you are too overqualified for the position

You’re welcome for my strong work ethic that led to me obtaining the qualifications I have, when do I start?

Unfortunately you don’t have the amount of experience required for the position

Whilst this may be true, the amount of times that I’ve been told this really dampens my spirits about gaining experience. How can someone get more experience if no one’s willing to give them experience? And that’s not to say I have zero experience, I have years of journalism under my belt.

Also, it would help if the advertisement wasn’t for a “fresh graduate with minimum five years experience”, five years ago I was finishing high school. Sorry my mums womb didn’t offer an internship.

Your application has been successful, we’ll let you know when you will commence

I’ve been told this multiple times and whilst the other responses listed are frustrating, there’s nothing more aggravating than false hope. I’ve been ‘hired’ at least three times in this period, with one position being in my field with some people who would have been great to work with and have as references at the end of the contract. Being told after calls and emails setting up my employment, that it wasn’t going to happen, was pretty upsetting.

I hope this makes anyone also getting these responses feel better, you’re not the only one. The most confusing thing is being told I don’t have enough experience and also being told I’m overqualified. Where’s middle-ground?

Given my final point of being hired yet not hired at the same time, this has definitely influenced how trusting I am when I’m told I’ve been successful but it also shows me that my resume is good enough for interviews and I’m interviewing well enough to get called back. A bit of a backhanded compliment.


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