The Beginning: Remaking the Resume

This was probably one of the hardest parts of being newly unemployed. I hadn’t actively looked for employment for six years, apart from my internship but that was mainly based on the degree I was studying at the time.

So I had to add everything I had done in the past six years. I included roles that I had done within different positions I held. My position in retail had grown significantly since first getting the job, my second, when I was 16. After picking my mind of every little thing I had done, I ended up with a ridiculously long resume.

So then I had to cull it, leaving what seemed relevant to whatever job I was going to be applying for. This turned out to be a lot harder than remembering the past six years of work I had done.

With every rewrite I did, I showed my boyfriend and friends to proof and give feedback. I’d adjust, show them again, readjust and so on. I can’t even tell you how many times this happened and how much frustration I felt.

It got to the point where people’s opinions on the layout started to clash and I decided I couldn’t make everyone happy, so I kept what I felt relevant and laid it out how I felt necessary.

Then it was finding a theme to make it stand out and look professional. The final step, right? I wish. I found that once I had added a theme, the spacing had spread and I was left with this massive resume again. So I had to cull and was left wondering if the things I had to cut out were actually the points to persuade someone to hire me.

I also found that some companies give criteria and guidelines to what they want in a resume. The list will be a page long and ironically enough, they’ll only want you to use one page.

If for every sentence they have, I have two, I’ve doubled the page count and potentially harmed my odds of being hired. I couldn’t help but worry that this would look like I can’t follow instructions or jump ahead and submit something without reading the guidelines.

I ended up deciding that I would rather go over the word/page count than not tell my potential future employers about my Bachelor of Communication, Business Diploma, work history or skills.

I finally reached a point where the layout is easy to read, the theme added a little colour and all of my relevant history, qualifications and skills are shown.

Now for the fun part…


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